“Treasure” 2016

Client / An Assignment for the Rich Media Class in the New Media Production and Design at SAIT Polytechnic
Sounds, Direct, Story Telling / Manuel Rondan
Environment Design, 3D Modelling, Video Editing, Effects & Animation / Liam Yoo
Character Design, Ending Credit / Betty Chiu
Used Tool / Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere and Maxon Cinema 4d
Music / “Truth?” by onlymeith 2012 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0)

About “Treasure”

This 3D digital paper style animation is about how people’s favors can make the world better. Whether it is big or small, helping each other and doing good thing can build a better society. I highly hope this short message will help to reconsider if someone hates/ignores anyone without any reasons.

Story board/ Manuel Roldan


Design Concept

I was inspired by Parapa the Rapper, Paper Mario, Child of Light and many classic Japanese RPG style. Not only as a gamer and game developer, but also it is fit in our emotional story concept, we defined the hand drawing on the paper art style. It is also easy to make animation in 3DS max. The new art render in 3DS MAX 2017 is very good to describe our visuals.

Character Drawing & Design / Betty Chiu

  Character 3D Modeling, Rigging and Animation  / Liam Yoo

Environment Design

3D design and rendering/ Liam Yoo


Design speech bubble / Liam Yoo