Inglewood Map

Interactive Map Project

Client / An Assignment for the Production Company 2 Class in the New Media Production and Design at SAIT Polytechnic

Web Development, Map Design/ Development and Layout Design/ Liam Yoo
Photography, Written Content and Task management / Madison Figg
Research, Photo Editing and Icon Design / Kyle MacLachlan
Web Development, UX Design and Photo Editing / Jayden Latchuk
Research, Graphic design and Icon Design/ Roxanne Richards

Used Tool / Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Atom,
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver.
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About Inglewood in Calgary

Inglewood is a unique and diverse area that includes a myriad of different attractions and places to visit. It contains all the amenities you may need when venturing out for the day, from food, to fresh air and entertainment. It is also a mecca for art and culture, holding many festivals and gatherings throughout the year. As opposed to other areas of Calgary, Inglewood is in an easily accessible location and draws people in with it’s relaxing atmosphere and good food. Everything is within walking distance, making it an easy place to navigate and get around.


Target Audience

Our main target audience is tourists, within the age range of early twenties to mid-thirties, visiting Calgary for the first time. This audience would want an area that contains a variety of things to do, places to eat, and things to see. Preferably without extensive travel. We would catch and maintain their attention by providing a single source where they can plan their day, see all relevant information about the area and locations, and shows simple navigation of the area.


Creative Concept

We plan on reaching our target audience by creating a single source website where tourists can select a route, or tour, that takes them along Inglewood’s main road to different locations. As opposed to just being a stationary map, our project will include more interactive components via the website. It will also include a non-linear navigation that the audience can use to select the locations individually, thus adding a unique experience for each user.

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Mockup Design

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Main Layout Design




3D Works

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