NMPD Recruiting


NMPD Recruiting Project 2016

Client / An Assignment for the Production Company Class in the New Media Production and Design at SAIT Polytechnic

Interactive Content, Main Concept Design,

Design Instructors’ Characters and 3D Modelling & Animation / Liam Yoo

Group Members / Betty Chiu, Kristen Drozda and Kane Villeneuve
Narrator, Design and Research / Kristen Drozda
Web, Design, Concept and Music/ Kane Villeneuve
Motion Graphics for Courses, Design and Concept/ Betty Chiu

Used Tool / Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect,
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition and Adobe Flash.
Site Link / http://liam3d.com/nmpd/index.php


Web Page Screen Shots


The New Media Production & Design program at SAIT Polytechnic is trying to attract more high school students to apply for the program, and wants to have a new media project that could be used at SAIT open House, NMPD intake events, on the SAIT website, or during other recruiting events and activities.


We need to Flash on the page to create interactive content because it’s one of the requirement, so that it’s not available to see on mobile platforms.  I am currently working for the full html 5 version with Java Script so I am going to add another version on this page soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Video and Motion Graphics: I embed the youtube video on the top of the page. You can watch all videos on the web site that I linked above, but you probably need to wait for a while due to downloading videos.

Why Dream Factory?

  • NMPD is a factory that makes your dream come true; it helps the students to become a professional specialist in the industry.
  • In the dream factory that we have built to demonstrate the New Media Production and Design program, we included some examples of work that some of the students have done in the course so far. By showing some examples of work that we have created in our interactive presentation, we hope to attract more high school students to apply for the program.

 Target Audience

  • As a student coming out of high school, what we wanted to find on a website like this, was the course outline, what the students did in each course, some examples of their work, and the career path and the employment rate, when finishing the program. That is why on the website we designed and in our videos that we have made, we made sure we included the above information so that our target audience will have what they are looking for.


 Main Design Concept

Sketched by Betty Chiu

Sketched by Betty Chiu

 Designed by Liam Yoo
Attractive / Interesting / Friendly / Unique / Inherent


Main Character Concept Design/ Kane Villeneuve


All Instructors’ Design, Modelling and Animating/ Liam Yoo