Front-end Developer / Multimedia Designer

Welcome to Liam Yoo’s portfolio website.

I am a 3D graphic artist, multimedia specialist, VR/AR, Web developer and UI/UX designer. I hold a Bachelor of Digital Art and Design degree and have 6 years work experience in the new media industry.

I am passionate about 3D graphic visualizations, creating virtual worlds and providing better media solutions for people. I always push forward new 3D and digital media technologies for high quality and efficiency.


Multimedia Developer | Mount Royal University  | 2017.01 – Current

  • Create multimedia contents: videos, animations, interactive contents and images for online courses
  • Create informative motion graphics and animations using Adobe Animate, After Effect and Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Develop interactive online contents to deliver intuitive education experiences to online learners
  • Develop web tools and sites using modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and JQuery
  • Research and develop VR and AR technologies for continuing and professional education


Web Developer and UX/UI Designer
Finevo Lending Group  | 2017.07 – Current (Part-time)
(Heritage Lending Group)  | 2016.05 – 2016.06(Full-time internship) | 08.2016 – 08.2017(Part-time)

  • Renewed the UX/UI design of
  • Maintain and update the contents using WordPress
  • Redefined a corporate identity of Heritage Lending Group
  • Designed all events’ posters, banners and brochures
  • Developed/ designed online applying system with user experience design using Formstack, JavaScript, PHP, CSS and HTML.
  • Developed an internal website using WordPress
  • Re-developed


3D Environment Artist | EST Soft  | 2010.10- 2014.01

  • Visualized 3D environment graphics for Cabal and Cabal 2 online.
  • Developed 3D environmental visual graphics for MMO RPG Games used Cry Engine 3  and Unity engine.
  • Created 3D modelings and designed 3D terrain environmental graphics using Autodesk 3DS MAX, Z-Brush and World Machine, applied normal maps and specular maps to every props and virtual world to improve the graphic quality.
  • Drew and created textures using Photoshop and Quixel Suite.
  • Optimized polygons, set Level Of Details and map textures to improve graphic performance for users.
  • Created realistic 3d sky with realistic sun ray and controllable clouds in the game.
  • Set up scenes with lighting setting, cut scenes, prop arrangements, terrains and foliages.


3D Motion Graphic Designer & UX designer| VReeZe| 2009.01- 2009.12

  • Created  3D motion graphics for broadcast and production companies.
  • Made animations for 3D graphics using Autodesk Creation Suite, set up scenes’ lighting and materials focus on reducing rendering time, besides keeping high visual quality.
  • Used V-ray, Mental Ray and Scan-line Renderers for the best image quality.
  • Designed and developed web site UI/UX and graphics.
  • Social media marketing and online advertisement.



  • High poly hard surface modelling, Z-Brush sculpting, texturing, lighting and rendering with 3DS Max and V-Ray
  • Creating 3D environments, architectures and interior scenes
  • Creating textures using Quixel Suite, Allegorithmic Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience Unreal Engine and Unity Engine including VR (GearVR and Oculus)
  • Developing websites using HTML5, CSS, JavaScripts and PHP
  • UX, UI, Logo, branding and graphic design skills
  • Experience CMS and LMS: created own WordPress theme from the scratch, WordPress, BlackBoard and Bright Space
  • Video shooting, editing and post production including excellent video equipment operating skills
  • PC Build skills


I spend most of my spare time to upgrade my skills. I currently take some online and offline courses to learn following skills.

  • Expanding 3D tools operating skills: Maya, AutoCAD and Revit
  • GPU based rendering technologies: Arnold, Octane and Red Shift
  • Programming Languages: Python, Swift and JavaScripts(Reacts)
  • 3D Texturing Skills:  Substance Designer, Mari and Mega Scans
  • VR/AR development skills
  • App development skills


  • Adobe Create Cloud 
    • Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effect / Adobe Premiere / Adobe Audition / Adobe Captivate / Adobe XD / Adobe Indesign / Adobe Lightroom
  • Web design & development Skills
    • CSS / SASS / UX / UI Design
    • WordPress / CMS / LMS
    • HTML / JavaScript / PHP / MySQL
  • Photography & Videography Skills
    • Photo, Video shooting and editing
    • Visual effects and animations
    • Post production skills such as colour grading
  • Autodesk Suite
    • 3DS Max / Maya / AutoCAD / Revit
  • 3D software & Plug-ins
    • Z-Brush
    • Maxon Cinema 4D
    • V-Ray
    • Octane render
    • Quixel Suite
    • Substance Painter/ Designer
    • World Machine
  • Virtual Game Engine
    • Epic Unreal Engine
    • Unity Engine
    • Cry Engine





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I am an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, street & food photographer.
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